changing the world in our own backyard

The humus revolution has begun — you can be part of it

News from the Humus Project is sent out once a month

"It’s the little things citizens do that will make a difference."

- Wangari Maathai

What we do

We make our soils come alive, grow edible landscapes and offer useful information to fellow gardeners in four languages: English, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

That’s the surface activity of the Humus Project.

In the root layers, we

~ research and explore anything to do with humus, soil life and composting from scientific and popular sources.

~ practice the art and craft of composting and experiment with different methods and recipes.

~ read, document, write, learn and talk a lot about humus.

~ draw inspiration from pioneers of the ‘humus revolution’ from the past and present across the world.

~ summarise and extract the most important information and translate it into clear ‘grassroots' language.

~ get together regularly, share work on our quintas, swap seeds, plants and microorganisms.

~ harvest and eat together, celebrate the fruits of our labour and enjoy our community of earthkeepers.

~ make connections with other grassroots initiatives of earthkeepers.

To find out more about our dream read on here.

Photo: The Humus Project