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On this page we post links to projects which inspire Earthkeepers.


Eco Life in Portugal

A project founded and run by some inspiring women!

Um mundo mais sustentável que passa pela salvaguarda do nosso planeta, uma mudança de ciclo onde o respeito pela Natureza seja condição primeira para garantir a continuação da vida na sua biodiversidade.

A more sustainable world, for the protection of our planet, with respect of nature, to ensure the continuation of life in its biodiversity.

La Ferme Bec du Hellouin

This is the permaculture project of Perrine Hervé-Gruyer and her husband Charles (see TED talk above).

»we have started our project with the intention of exploring ecologically sound food growing practices, despite neither of us having previous experience of farming.«

And here is an interview with Perrine Hervé-Gruyer in English by Oliver Gardiner at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018



This film is the starting point for a people-powered change, based on the wisdom of the Keepers of the Earth.

On Saturday, March 24th there is a chance to watch the film in London at a DOWN TO EARTH  Pre-Premiere Event. Check it out here:

And here is an interview with one of the makers of the film, Rolf Winters

Symphony of the Soil

Symphony of the Soil, film by Deborah Koon Garcia

In English with subtitle options: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese. 104 minutes

Symphony of the Soil is an artistic exploration of the miraculous organism that gives life to all creatures on planet earth. The film also explores the relationship between humans an the soil, including our misuse of it and the latest research on the connection between the soil and environmental issues. An important and inspiring film for  a better and healthier understanding of Mother Earth.

TED talk by Perrine Hervé-Gruyer

TED talk by Perrine Hervé-Gruyer

Why I became a farmer (in French with English subtitles)

Perrine Hervé-Gruyer shares her experience of returning to the land. She and her husband created a farm from scratch. With the Bec Hellouin biological farm, they discovered the permaculture and its principles based on the respect of the land and the men.

A passionate and confident insight into the future of Humankind: "What if using permaculture could feed the world?". And why not apply these permaculture principles to other areas?

The Worm is Turning

Film makers Åsa Mark and Hilary Bain tell the story of how corporate agribusiness has taken over the world’s food production.

“We’re eating World War 2's leftovers! For the past 70 years chemical agriculture has been waging war on life.

Agrochemicals are big business. The same chemicals that were used in war fare have been sprayed over our fields for decades. Polluted crops are continuously being sold to us 'safe food'. Pesticides and fertilisers are systematically destroying human health, plant health and soil health, not to mention, the global economies and the ecology. — This is the shocking truth. It's sickening and sad , but it's important to be aware of it, especially if you are an 'eco-friendly' gardener, farmer or consumer.

Despite these bad news, this is also “a film about feeding EVERYBODY well and restoring the environment.” Many projects and initiatives all over the world are showing how to regenerate the soil and feed the world's growing population without poisoning ourselves.

Everyone who cares about the soil, planet Earth and their own health must watch this film.



The Mad Farmers Liberation Front

A trio of seasoned musicians and 'mad farmers' in Central Portugal

Inspired by Wendell Berry's Manifesto:

"Put your faith in the two inches of humus that will build under the trees
every thousand years."


Organisations & Initiatives

Vienna Soil Declaration

The Vienna Soil Declaration was formulated by the International Union of Soil Science in December 2015 to mark the International Year of Soils.

At the same event the IUSS declared the period of 2015-2024 the International Decade of Soils (because they realised that one year was not enough to help soils regenerate)

“Soil matters for humans and ecosystems”

You can download the Vienna Soil Declaration here

Regeneration International

Regeneration International is an international alliance founded in 2015, the International Year of the Soil. It is a global network of projects, initiatives and information around the regeneration of soils.

Lots of inspiring links here:

The Oxford Real Farming Conference

The ORFC brings together practising, mud-on-the-boots farmers and growers with scientists and economists, and activists and lawyers, and everyone else with a serious interest in food and agriculture. The idea is to ask the really big questions – like what kind of farming do we really need and why and lots more...

So in January 2010, the Oxford Real Farming Conference was launched in the late mediaeval library attached to the University Church of St Mary’s in Oxford’s High Street. In part the ORFC was conceived as the antidote to the official, Oxford Farming Conference, which for the past 60 years has presented the Establishment view and of late has encouraged farmers to focus on high tech, and trust to the global market.

Read more about the ORFC here



AnaRita de Albuquerque

Feltmaker at Volume Atelier

Beth Richardson

Fine art

Gabriele Mazaracis

Maker of beautiful felted animals at Filzkram

Nikola Orpen

Textile Artist



Joshua Bond

Poetry and Form

Photo: Juan Di Nella